Welcome to the Devec/Demography Data Portal, hosted by Vipul Naik, with contributions from Issa Rice (list of all financially compensated contributions to the site). The purpose of the site is to offer a visualization of development and demography trends as gathered from multiple sources, placing all sources side by side so that we can understand their similarities and differences.

This effort is complementary to the devec subwiki and demography subwiki.

The code for the portal is available on GitHub at riceissa/devec-demography-data-portal. The data-crunching code for various data sources used is in separate repositories, all linked from the README of the portal.

Endpoint documentations

Documentation on region.php: You need to include three parameters: region (which can typically take a value of a country, though some larger regions are also allowed), start_date (which is of the form YYYY0000), and end_date (which is of the form YYYY0000). Both start_date and end_date are inclusive. For instance, to get data for India from 1970 to 2010, use /region.php?region=India&start_date=19700000&end_date=20100000.